There is a 3-Year-Old Karl Lagerfeld Out There

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The cover of today’s international Metro. Karl Lagerfeld wasn’t just hanging out at Metro’s office in Paris yesterday, the designer was curating today’s issue of the daily paper. Given the time of year buycanadagoose , his issue’s appropriately focused on fashion—a category in which his views may be more welcome than say Syria,or Adele.Today’s paper features interviews with fashion’s new favorite Azealia Banks, as well as Florence Welch (who performed at September’s Chanel show) and designers like Haider Ackermann and Silvia Venturini Fendi, the latter of whom works with Lagerfeld at the Italian house of Fendi.But if you’re looking for quotes from Lagerfeld himself—and who isn’t?—Metro’s new site, ModMods, launches today and boasts an interview with their one-time EIC. When the reporter says, “You’re human after all!” Lagerfeld responds, “I look the part. But I’m not that human, hmm?”The best part? Lagerfeld mentions his three-year-old godson, who’s apparently inherited more than one usually does from a godparent: “I have a godson, who is small buycanadagoose , 3 ½ years old, genius. He’s got real personality and his parents have no authority. He loves clothes. He wants everything like me. He sleeps with his gloves and goes to school with black glasses on.”Next time Lagerfeld’s handed editing duties, pictures should be required. – Continue Reading Below

There is a 3-Year-Old Karl Lagerfeld Out There

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